Rawhide Manufacturing

We have been in the business since 1958 "Rawhide is our business,make it yours"

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Since 1958

Carrying on the California tradition that started in the days of the Spanish Vaquero (cowboy) is part of Rawhide business.

That tradition is making products of hand cured cowhides that are cut into fine strips and hand braided to make reins,hobbles,riatas and bosals-from the very basic with little detail,to the very fine plait (number of strips of rawhide to make braid).The more plaits used,the finer the braid and the detail.

Many of the secrets of braiding and curving fine rawhide will never be passed on by the masters of the craft.

We feel fortunate that we have mastered the process and will be able to provide fine quality braiding for many years to come.

Our Mecates are hand twisted four-and-six strand tail and mane hair ropes.All the hair is washed and separated by color(only about 10-15%are white , which adds the contrasting color for so many of our Mecates) and then twisted into individual strands.And then twisted again to form the finished Mecate of four-and-six strands.

Our Bosals are braided around a rawhide core wich is made by hand.We offer many bosals,from basic Bosal used for training to the very fine,deluxe Bosals (with many plaits) for showing in hackamore (jaquima)futurities and for collections.

Rawhide will provide you with the equipment you need to take your colt in the California tradition from the hackamore (jacquima) to the bridle.